Wednesday, October 15, 2008

information overload

well last night brian and i had our first training class. the class was all about the waiting period, bringing the child home, disciplining the child, getting ready for a baby, and all sorts of other stuff. it was so much information packed into 1.5 hours. it was pretty crazy. i know in my head that at the end of this process there really will be a baby but i can't yet bring my heart into thinking a baby is coming. so far i feel pretty prepared for the process. we know enought stories that we understand the reality of it taking a while and being rejected and all that stuff. so right now i am feeling great about everything. i've not yet started thinking about what colour the nursery will be (but the other day i was giving my parents a tour of our house and when i walked in one room i said "and this is where the nursery will be" and that felt totally weird to say), we aren't stocking up on diapers (yet), we aren't yet ready all the baby books. right no we are just focused on getting all our paperwork in. we have so much paperwork to fill out, doctors to visit, fingerprints to have made, and our training classes to being. but we hope to have all that finished by november. God is really opening up doors right now for us to walk through to get all this done. it's pretty awesome. we are just trying to listen to the direction in which God is pointing us towards.

we are in the process of sending out letters to all our family and friends. so if you would like to get a letter in the mail with our big update then please send us your snail mail address so we make sure we send it to the right place. you can email us at Oh, and please feel free to share this blog with whomever you want. we're in the midst of the story God is writing about our baby. how cool is that? and you're a part of it! that is even cooler. it will be exciting to look back on this many years down the road and see how all of you were involved in this little baby's journey. wow. i'm getting goose bumps just thinking about it. so thank you for being a part of this journey. (also, if you think of any great names we are open to suggestions).

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