Friday, October 10, 2008

let the fun begin

Paperwork, paperwork, more paperwork, and oh some classes too. Today was our orientation meeting for the adoption process. The day began with various families telling their stories. So many different journeys were shared, all of which got us a bit more excited about the whole process. Then they handed us a big stack of paperwork. Wooooh! So over the next several weeks we will be loosing our sight while filling our various sheets of paper. Doctors visits, psychological exams, and they may even poke and prod us. But, yes we are so excited about the whole thing. I know it sounds strange to be excited about paperwork, but when the end result is a child who is loved by God you deal with it. So let the prayers fly; that we would be open and honest, it would not take long, we will be able to find doctors, our employers would be flexible in asking time off, and that we would have a smile on our faces during the whole process. We love you all and thank you in advance for being a part of our child's story, the one God has already written.

- brian and audra

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