Friday, October 17, 2008

fingerprinting and drug screen

Today was a day off of work, but not truly a day off. That is because I was out and about taking care of things for our paperwork. I started the morning off by heading to get fingerprinted. How amazing is technology, it took 2 minutes with no ink and I was done. No wait and no issues. God is good. Then I headed to get a drug screen. There is some back story on this one. I was able to find a doctor for Audra and I to see next week. Not until I dropped by yesterday to verify they could do all the test, did I find out they could not do the drug screen at their office. That was frustration #1 of the day. We will get to the second one in a bit. So, I had to go to a walk in clinic today to have a drug screen performed. The amount of driving and money are beginning to add up quick. I thank God today for the simplicity and lack of wait today in the things I have had to accomplish today.

Now, to frustration #2. We have to have a background check done through the local police station. So I drove to the Franklin Police Department. First issue - both Audra and I have to be there in person to fill out more paperwork. Second issue - our driver's licenses address have to match our current address. I have not changed mine since we moved to Nashville. Biggest issue - for the Franklin police to do the background check we must have lived at our current address for at least 6 months; we have been in Franklin for 2 months. As Audra has said before, I am the patient one of the two of us. Well yesterday satan was working on that. I can truly say that God is growing Audra through this process, because she was the one who brought me back to the ground and eased my mind. I am so glad we are going through this process together. Audra, I love you dearly. So what does that mean. We have to drive to Nashville, both of us in person, and do the paperwork. Pray that all falls into place and frustration does not win out. That is it for today. Until the next time, continue to pray that God is seen through all of this.

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