Monday, November 5, 2012

it's been so long

yes, i recognize that it has been months. most of you thought i was gone for good...but i'm here today. and is it really november? where has the year gone? seems like just yesterday we were getting ready to head back to school. now we are full fledge into the school year. B is teaching 8th grade science at the local middle school and he is AMAZING!!!! God totally created B to do teach. as his wife it is so awesome to see your husband have a job that he can put his heart into. and B is an incredible teacher who is more than just a teacher but investing in his student's lives. years ago i sat around with 2 friends and we said that it would be awesome if B was able to teach one day. God opened doors and B walked through. i'm so proud of him for working so hard to provide for our family.

one of the big changes we made during the summer was to move churches (again). it was actually a total God thing. we chose to move to a church closer to our house and after the first visit our boys got in the car saying "this is our community! how awesome! we see these people all the time!" that was exactly what we were hoping for. we believe God has a purpose for us here in our community and we have already been fully embraced by our new church family. they have been very supportive over the past few months. our boys are doing well with that change. b and i have actually been able to join a small group something we haven't been able to do since the boys came home. this church also has a really awesome orphan ministry. but what we are most excited about at our new home church is the mission opportunities. this week is actually mission week at our church. our pastor has been doing a series over the past few weeks about missions. last sunday we celebrated orphan sunday and it was amazing to be a part of a church that has such a heart for orphans. and they aren't just talking about it but putting it into action. it was a great reminder for us that our story is not over. God still has plans for us in the orphan ministry. i'm excited to see what His next step is for us. and all this weekend we have over 40 missionaries coming to speak at the church. our family is excited about learning how our church serves God around the world and what opportunities we can join in on. God is working through the crazy!

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