Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a little update

i really do miss writing on the blog. it has brought so much healing for me to look back at what all God has been doing on our journey. and it really is a journey. each day is just another step and we are thankful for each step we take. it may be 3 steps forward and 2 steps back but a step is a step. we continue to grow as a family and work through challenges. it's hard to believe that we are winding down another school year. it's been a crazy year with school having 2 middle schoolers, one still in elementary, and little k starting preschool. we started the school year with a big move and we are so thankful for the house God provided for us. every day we see that God has a plan and a purpose for us right here in our neighborhood. i enjoyed reading an update on my friends blog yesterday and thought i would do the same since it has been so long.

i is finishing up 7th grade and growing about an inch a week. he has worked extremely hard in school and even ran spring track. we've enjoyed cheering him on in the high jump, relays and the 800 meter run. that boy is so fast and so determined. his hope is to play football in the fall. he's also really gotten involved in the youth group at our church and enjoys hanging out with the boys around the neighborhood. i am blessed to see God working so deeply in his heart. he blows my mind sometimes with his deep thoughts and desires for his life to serve God.

j has enjoyed being in middle school this year. he continues to put forth more effort every day and we are so thankful for what God is doing in his life. he's actually had Brian as a math tutor this year and it's worked out really well for them to spend their days together at school. he has also enjoyed being in youth group and has taken to skateboarding just about every where. he has perfected the jumps and the ramp. he also participated in a 5k with me early this spring.

z is finishing up 4th grade strong. he is trying out for the school talent show, been to his first school dance (with me) and has worked really hard to learn his math facts. he has been doing lots of running, playing basketball in the neighborhood, and getting to know everyone on our street. he is our very outgoing child who can turn anything into a fun adventure.

k is growing like a weed. he and i have been in a huge growth spurt the past few months, sleeping lots and eating me out of house and home. he started preschool this year going one day a week and has loved every minute of it. he is looking forward to going 2 days a week next year. he enjoys riding his bike around the neighborhood and playing with all the big boys. he has really been a big help with our garden. we go on lots of adventures together while the others are in school to the park, farmers market, strawberry picking, kite flying, bug catching, animal watching, and so much more. he is a ham and is coming into his own personality. he is very strong willed but too smart for his own good.

b finished up his teaching degree and graduates this weekend. this spring he has been tutoring at the local middle school. we're really hoping he gets a full time teaching job in the fall. he has really enjoyed working in the schools and it is amazing to see him doing something that he can put his heart into. he also participated on our churches softball and basketball teams. the future is wide open for him.

as for me...well most days i don't feel like much gets accomplished but i'm striving to serve God and love my family as best as i can. i've been involved in a bible study at my church, been doing some writing of my own, planting my garden, and doing my best to get in good shape to take on the world if needed. i've never really enjoyed fitness until now because it is such a great stress reliever and i have one hour every few days that doesn't allow me to think on anything but exactly what i'm doing in that moment. God continues to teach me daily that as long as i working on my relationship with Him and becoming a better woman of God he will take care of everything else.

here is the most recent family pic from our mission trip (minus k). crazy how much everyone has grown this school year.

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Rachel said...

Thanks for the update, Audra! Your boys looks so grown up and so handsome!! Congrats to Brian on graduating-- that's a huge accomplishment, especially with everything else you guys have had going on. I'll be at RH on Mother's Day (if Noah cooperates and all goes according to plan), so maybe we can say hello.