Tuesday, November 20, 2012

depraved indifference

i recently attended a Global Impact Conference at my church and came away completely aware of how comfortable we can get. as christians we often make our checklist of things we do for God: go to church, be kind to people, give our 10%, serve one sunday a month in sunday school, make sure our kids are well behaved, and make sure people always see the smile on our face to show how "good" our life is. is it to blunt for me to say we're missing it! i totally think we are missing the depth of which God has called us to as his children. He wants so much more for us.  the deeper plans God has for us are often dangerous, uncomfortable, and seemingly impossible in our own strength. as christians how can we know there is so much need out there and still do nothing. instead of doing the wrong thing we do nothing. which is worse? i'd like you to watch this video and see if it doesn't make you want to go deeper with God and see what he has for you? even in what seems like chaos i can still go deeper. i need to go deeper with the Lord. There is so much more He has for me.

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