Tuesday, September 7, 2010

day 175 - face to face

over the past 2 months or so i have felt a desperate need to dig into the Word of God. i'm talking about being so desperate that i can't breathe without it. and i've done lots of bible studies and read different commentaries but what i'm talking about is 100% pure scripture. i'm hungry to know what every word means and how every punctuation has a purpose. the scripture is alive and i want to glue it to my heart. i would love to spend hours upon end digging into the word but with a family of 6 that is quite impossible in the literal since. however, i'm finding i can be in a state of worship and stand in the presence of my Lord even in the midst of doing homework, making dinner, or folding laundry.

God has made us alive during a very important time and i don't want to miss it. i don't want to miss opportunities with my kids to teach them about Jesus. i want the name Jesus to be spoken in our home in the good, bad, ugly, sad, wrong, or right times. little k and i pray this prayer multiples times a day and it has become painted on my heart:
Jesus, come. Please help!
Help me me sweet, kind, and loving like You.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for rescuing me.
Your name, Jesus, is power.

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