Sunday, August 22, 2010

day 159 - respite

my biggest challenge with 4 kids is finding some alone time. that sounds really funny coming out of my mouth because i really don't like to be alone or rest for that matter but i've learned without it i will burn out. and when i'm burnt out ain't no body happy :)

this summer i was able to find some alone time whether it was just grocery shopping or a night away. a few weeks ago a few friend and i headed off for an overnight trip somewhere special. it was extremely spontaneous and incredibly needed. i admit that i was actually thrilled to get out of my house for 24 hours. it was a total recharge for me and it only took 24 hours. crazy. and even before we started heading back i looked at one of my friends and said "wow, i really miss my family. i'm ready to go home!" it was amazing to have the feeling of missing my kids. no matter how chaotic and crazy every day is i miss them when i'm not with them. i came back totally ready for the challenges ahead.

getting away with friends is incredible but the most incredible get away was with my awesome husband. my birthday was a few weeks ago and he surprised me with an overnight getaway. he had arranged for my parents to come watch the kids overnight so we could spend some time away. it was the first time we had left the kids overnight with anyone. but my parents are more than capable and the boys ADORE their gigi and grandpa. so early afternoon brian and i headed to chattanooga for the night. we stayed in an incredible bed and breakfast (that i highly recommend) and just enjoyed each other's company. we didn't do anything special but breathe really. we needed some time just to look each other in the face and say "hey, i remember you!".

i love my family and i don't want to miss anything. but catching your breath every now and then is important. i'm learning that if i don't take care of myself i'm not going to be able to take care of my family. when people ask if they can help i'm finally saying "yes, here is our need." we were never meant to do this alone. rest is good. alone time is good. time with my husband is needed. so now that it is almost midnight i'm going to get some sleep.


Amy @ Literacy Launchpad said...

Reading about your journey helps give me courage as we prepare to dive into ours. So glad you got some time to recharge!

Amy said...

AMEN! To all of it! :)