Saturday, July 31, 2010

5 years ago today part 3...

5 years ago today it was my last day in new orleans and almost everyone from camp had left. i needed a few things so the evening started with a simple trip to walmart and brian came along. 7 hours later we finally called it a night after walking and talking about everything under the sun. we spend most of the evening in the french quarter just sitting and telling each other story after story. it was amazing. God had already been wooing my heart towards brian but now i was starting to see him as more than someone i thought was amazing but i was seeing him as the man i knew God had for me to marry.

in weeks prior God had allowed me time with brian to learn about the godly character that he had. he was kind, loving towards others, a servant, a leader, well spoken, a great teacher, and just a genuine man. i had fallen in love with the character of this man and asked God if he would please make my husband have these characters. i literally heard God say to me at one point during the summer "this is what i want to give you in a husband if you will wait for the person i have for you and stop looking". i said a quick YES! on this last night of camp God changed my heart to not just loving the character of brian but the man the future husband he was going to be for me. it was like i looked at him and said "there you are. of course it is you!"

brian, i knew that night and i still know now that you are the man i want to walk beside and cheer on as we allow God to teach us and use us to minister to others. you encourage me and challenge me to be real. you were and still are God's best for me and i love you more that i can say!

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