Monday, June 14, 2010

day 90 - the pool

the pool has become our favorite summer past time! we would all love to spend all day every day at the pool but that doesn't always happen. there is always somewhere else to be or something to do. but at least 2-3 times a week we go for pretty much the entire day. we started going a few weeks ago and the boys were pretty afraid of trying anything in the water other than standing there. none of them no how to swim and they weren't comfortable even trying. they stayed would get tense every time they got in the water and wondered why they kept sinking. i've been trying to teach them that even if a really awesome swimmer were to get tense and panic they would drown. swimming is all about being relaxed and breathing right in the water.

well after about 2 weeks of just playing in the shallow end they have started trusting themselves and myself enough to begin to learn how to swim. they were incredible! they kept saying "watch this!" or "can you teach me a new move so i can practice?". they would even watch little K so i could take one of them to the deeper side and show them how to kick or stay under the water. it was fun. and little K is pretty fearless in the water now too. he puts his arm bands on and gets all the way to where his mouth touches the water. he is starting to lay farther and farther back so he can float. he almost fell asleep in the water once.

i love watching my kids swim and hanging with them at the pool. if i wasn't so exhausting we would do it far more. but being in the sun for 6 hours makes me worth nothing when i get home. so i'm trying to find a balance of keeping my kids happy and keeping my energy up.

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