Thursday, June 17, 2010

5 years ago today...part 1

5 years ago today brian and i met for the first time (that we can recall). it wasn't this moment that i will remember for the rest of my life. in fact i was wondering why this "old" guy was working at camp. yes, we met at a camp. it was my second year to work there and his first. he was over all the summer staff (which included me). i'm sure i didn't make any impression on him either. here is a snippet of what i wrote in my journal that day:

"my prayer is that i will be a servant this summer. that God will allow me to serve Him in all that i do. that my attitude is positive and that i spend as much time with him as i can. i pray that God continues to direct my life and show me where he wants me. i pray that he will open up a job opportunity somewhere. i pray that i learn more about who God is and the woman that he wants me to be. i pray that he continues to prepare me to be in love and to one day be a wife and mother. i pray that perhaps it will be time for God to bring my future husband into the picture."

this year brian and i will celebrate our 5 year anniversary. over the next few months i want to share the amazing journey God has brought us on over those years. when i stepped on that campus 5 years ago i never would have dreamed that 5 years later i would have fallen in love with the most incredible man, that he would fall just as deeply in love with me and that we would already have 4 beautiful children. so thankful that God is the author of our lives and he surprises us every day. "i love you, Brian! i'm so blessed to celebrate these years with you."

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