Wednesday, May 12, 2010

day 57

sorry i haven't written in a few days. it's crazy in our household right now. some of that is good and some of it is just hard. we are in a really tough season of adjusting right now and would appreciate your prayers. we are walking through what we know God has called us to and sometimes it is completely out of control. satan is definitely trying to get his foothold in but we are standing behind our Mighty Savior! i'm praying things will settle down after school gets out (only 7 more days left) but i'm not sure how realistic that is.

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The Good Shepherd's Farm said...

With every attempt at following God we get such interference by the enemy. Hold strong to what you know. These difficulties do pass and if you depend on God through them- all the more joy you will have. In the most overwhelming times with the kids, take a moment to thank God that He loves us through our most unlovely times as well.