Friday, April 9, 2010

free ice cream day

we surprised the boys one afternoon after school with an ice cream run. they were giving away a free scoop at ben and jerry's (my favorite ice cream place). we loaded up in the van with jackson in tow and made our way to the ice cream shop. the boys were afraid that we were going to have to stand in line for forever. even though there was a line it moved very quickly. as we approached the counter we were met with eager high schoolers waiting to fill our orders. peanut brittle, chocolate fudge, cookie dough, vanilla, strawberry...too many decisions. we finally decided. i of course had chocolate fudge because i'll always choose anything chocolate.

the day was gorgeous. we took our ice cream outside and enjoyed every spoonful. even our little toddler couldn't get enough. i think jackson had the most fun. he was either licking the ice cream off the ground or trying to lick it off our faces. all to say nothing tastes better on a beautiful day than a cup of your favorite ice cream.

of course after the ice cream we didn't want the beautiful day to go to waste. our next stop was the skate park where the boys enjoyed doing all those skateboarding things. our boys definitely have some pretty great skills. even little I was trying to ride around on brian's skateboard. he was riding on his belly. it was so cute. what a wonderful day. i so love doing this every day. thank you for the continued prayers that help us make it through.

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jenny said...

I just smile when I read your writing about your boys :)