Thursday, March 11, 2010

why i blog

there are many reasons to blog. some blog to let off steam. others blog to have some communication with the outside world. some blog to have a record of their current life. some blog to be resources. well i blog for all those reasons. blogging is like journaling to me. it allows me to pour out all that stuff that is just sitting in my head or heart. because i don't have a job and my office is my home blogging allows me to have that connection to the outside world. and i love the thought that i get to have a record of this entire journey God has brought us on. but the biggest reason that i blog is i want to be a resource.

the blogger world has been invaluable to me throughout this adoption process. you will see several links on the side of our blog of other adoption blogs that have given us so much hope and encouragement. i love that there are so many people out there sharing their journey. you can almost always find someone who has been through or is going through exactly what you are. that is huge! however, most of the blogs we follow are international adoption and a few domestic adoption.

when we began the foster/adoption process we found it a little more difficult to find resources on that process. a lot of it is because you have to be so careful about what you say as a foster parent. well i'm learning that you can still keep a lot of things private while still being a resources. so i am praying that God will use my blog to be a resource for others that are thinking about or are going through the foster/adoption process. it's a very different world with a lot of different struggles and emotions. we all need to lean on each other. it's all about asking for help! you need a community to walk through this.

i'm here to answer whatever questions i can and provide any insight to what God is walking us through. even though we have been walking this road for over a year and half our journey is just beginning. there is so much more to come!

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