Tuesday, March 23, 2010

first day in the new school

no one likes to move to a new school in the middle of the school year. and our oldest 3 are no exception. we arrived early at school to get them all checked in. as a group we walked to the classrooms off and dropped them off one by one. D was our first one to be dropped off. he was shy at first but his teacher was so fun that he finally went right in like he already belonged. T was very reluctant to go into his classroom. i'm sure he was very overwhelmed. i loved how several teachers came by to introduce themselves to T and say how excited they were about having him at their school. J was anxious to get to his classroom and just get things started. he is our oldest so i'm sure he has done this a few times. he was really worried about how hard the work was going to be.

after went dropped J off we went back to check on T to make sure he made it to his classroom but he still was hesitant. no problem. i took little I and brian took T and walked around the library for awhile. the awesome principal even came and showed him around the school. i think they ended up in the computer lab when brian finally left him. we knew there were TONS of people praying for all 3 boys on their first day of school.

we cannot say thank you enough because when brian picked them up (first time picking up kids from school!) they were so EXCITED to tell him about their day. they couldn't stop talking about how they got to play football at recess, all the friends they already had made, and even how the work wasn't as hard as they thought. i was overjoyed! my prayer was that they would just be ok to go back the next day. God blessed us even more than expected because they couldn't wait to go back. we are a living testimony that there is power in prayer. thank you.

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