Friday, March 26, 2010

day 3

day 3 was a friday. it was the older boys second day of school. they were having all sorts of parties at school so they were anxious to get there. we picked the boys up at school (my first time to wait in line to pick up my kids from school). we had gotten there early so we would be one of the first cars in line. the boys get excited when they see the van waiting their for them. of course little I was calling out all their names telling them to "come on". it was hilarious. finally they came out and I could barely contain himself he was so excited.

we were really excited about this friday afternoon. we were heading to walmart for a big shopping trip with the boys. it had been planned for earlier in the week but due to some loss of energy we were unable to go. so we went after school. like i have said in a previous post, i let each of the boys pick a colour to be theirs. so while we were out they picked out towels, sheets, cups, and a few other things in their colours. the colour thing is working out really well. i know exactly who is leaving their stuff out and who is doing a great job of putting it away. even thought the shopping experience was pretty fun i spent most of it in the van with I.

little I decided that he would use the walmart time to be not as kind as he can be. the dude standing at the garden entrance was so bummed to see us keep walking in and out of the store. but eventually everyone got the point.

friday nights are our family game nights. we came home from our shopping extravaganza with plenty of bags in tow. thanks to amazing friends we were able to use gift cards which was a tremendous help (thank y'all!). we put pizza in the oven, took showers, and settled in for an exciting evening. after the last dish was put away and teeth were brushed we pulled out the WII!!!!! the boys were thrilled. we spent the next 2 hours wake boarding, sword fighting, plane flying, and canoeing. my arms are still hurting from that canoeing. it was hilarious watching them play. they put in all the effort they could, especially when it came to the sword fighting. we had to keep reminding everyone to make sure the remote was ATTACHED to your arm before beginning. T kept getting closer and closer to the tv as he was "attacking" his opponent. i wish we would have had our video camera out. it was definitely a night to remember. a tradition we will have to continue for years to come. day three was pretty awesome!

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