Monday, November 23, 2009

Parents as Tender Healers Part 3

sorry i'm a little late on my update from our saturday class. it's been a little crazy around here the past few days. we have family in town for a few days and on top of that brian has the flu. so needless to say there has been little time to write. but now i have a few minutes and wanted to catch you up.

saturday's class was probably my favorite one yet. we talked about different behaviors of kids and why they act certain ways. we learned how to encourage and build them up. it was really great to hear everyone's heart and how desperate they were to help these kids.

the second half of the class was focused on our support system. as a part of our homestudy we have to create and eco map. this is a map that has everyone who lives in our household in a circle in the middle. then a larger circle surrounding us with everyone who is incredibly important to us and we couldn't get through this without them. then after the bigger circle we are supposed to put other sources of support in little circles around the bigger circle. well as i was writing God just showed me how he has worked this all out and how wonderful his timing is. as i was looking around at other people's (no, i wasn't cheating) they had a few friends and family members in their bigger circle and a few little circles around the outside and that looked like a really great support system. but after it was over i couldn't even fit everyone onto my eco system. i had to use the back of the paper. God is so good. if i think back even to where brian and i were a year ago when we started the infant adoption process i thought we had an awesome support system but God has blessed us abundantly.

when we tell people we are looking to adopt through the foster system we get told we are crazy. then when we say we would like to adopt a sibling group we get told we're even crazier than we were 5 min ago. i completely agree. we are crazy. and there is NO WAY we could do this with just the two of us. but when i look at the incredible people God has placed around us. those people include are closet friends here in town to people all over the country and the world. i hear God whisper "I can"! he totally can. i believe it. every time someone asks about our adoption God confirms to be that he is building are support system every day. and that support system is you. you will never know what a blessing you are to our family. i pray one day when these kids come home and they are legally ours we can begin to share with you more specifically how you have blessed and touched us. there is still a long road ahead of us but we are so grateful.

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