Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Frustration, Frustration, Frustration

Simply put, frustration has set in. From the waiting to unreturned phone calls; is there no one out there that wants to help us bring a waiting child home??? Lord, please help us to remain patient and rely solely on You. There is no one here on this small planet of fallen beings that can accomplish a fraction of what You are capable. Lord lead and guide us. We thank you all for your thoughts and prayers as we continue along our journey.



Jake said...

Brain & Audra,

We love you guys so much, and we really are hurting for ya'll. It definitely doesn't seem to make sense in a world with so many orphans that a loving family with a great home, and the finances needed, are having to wait so long to bring a child home. I gotta just keep believing that God has such a wonderful young man planned for you two that it will be worth the wait, but man it sure doesn't feel that way in the process. Thanks for your courageous approach to all of this, and your pro-active work in helping others through their process even as you all are still waiting out your own. The Lord sees your hearts, your desires, and your faithfulness, and I know your son will be truly blessed to have such awesome parents. I really can't wait to see him in your arms. Hang in there guys, we are all praying for ya, and the celebration we're going to have soon is gonna be off the charts!

Much Love, Jake

Eric and Suzie Treanor said...

The Treanor family has been and now will continue praying harder for you guys. I believe that the Lord has an INCREDIBLE plan for you both. Hang in there. Keep the faith. You guys are grealy loved by the Treanor fam and are here to hold your arms up so that you guys can keep crying out to Him. It's going to happen. He will be beautiful creation from the Creator of perfection.

coffee girl said...

i am and continue to pray for you and for this new baby.