Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my husband

i know it is often said with both adoption and pregnancy that the mom is ready before the baby comes and the dad is finally ready when he sees the baby. well that isn't true for brian...

i remember the moment i fell in love with brian. he was playing with a group of kids. it spoke directly to my heart and has been impressed there ever since. even still to this day to say brian is amazing with kids is an understatement. and these kids that he so deeply loves aren't even part of our immediate family. it is such a God thing. we are so blessed to have so many friends around us with little ones. brian can't get enough of them. one family has a 17 month old little boy and every sunday brian says "i need some joses time!" i wish i had pictures to share with you of how awesome my husband is. God has designed him to be an incredible father. he is so gentle and kind yet you know he is control, which makes a child feel so safe. he isn't grossed out by weird smells, crying, screaming, spit up, or anything else that comes with a child. he isn't even tired out by their crazy energy.

no, my amazing husband won't finally be ready to be a daddy when we get a baby. he is a ready now! here is to believing, Lord!


Team Martins said...

We all second that with a heartfelt, "Amen!" Brian is such a man of God who has father written all over him.

You, too, are something else my friend.

And so we stand, believing with you!

Eric and Suzie Treanor said...

we continue to pray for the Lord to make you guys parents....eric and suzie