Friday, July 3, 2009


well we are in that time where we have done everything we can possibly do. we have filled out every single piece of paper to complete our paperwork. we've raised every single dollar to bring this baby home. and we have a closet full of diapers to get us through the first couple of weeks. we've done everything i know we can do to bring this baby home as soon as possible.

but it doesn't work like that. just because we are ready doesn't mean it is time. i wish it did. but it doesn't. there isn't much to report because nothing really new is happening. all we can do now is pray. we are so blessed to have each of you walking with us during this time. all i can think about is when Jesus heard that Lazurus was sick as was going to die he still waited 3 days after his death to go and visit. why? if Jesus knew that his friend was dying why did he wait so long. well when you read the scripture you will notice that it says that "many Jews had come to Martha and Mary". Jesus didn't just want to show his glory to Mary and Martha but to MANY. that's what i keep thinking about our little baby. God is going to show His glory when he brings this baby home and he wants to make sure that MANY see it.

i'm resting in God's timing. and i love my friends who are right their with me. i am blessed to have a friend who has done this before and is so encouraging and knows exactly how i feel. here are a few of the prayer request that i have been praying during this time of waiting
  • for the birthmother as she makes a decision that will change the rest of her life and her child's
  • for the birthmother to have courage to make such a difficult decision
  • that the birthmother would find supernatural peace in her decision
  • that as the birthmother flips through profiles she will see us and we would be familiar to her
  • also praying that she would have a healthy pregnancy and easy labor
  • for our little baby that might be sitting in a womb somewhere
  • that he would be held by the hands of God
  • that he would remain healthy and even now God would speak to him
  • lastly just praying for brian and i as at a moment's notice might have to step into parenthood
  • that jobs would work out
  • that we would have patience with each other during these emotional roller coasters
  • that we would lean on the amazing friends God has surrounded us with
  • that we would rest (and even get good sleep) in God's perfect timing

thank you for taking the time to pray for us, intercede on our behalf, and praying for our child. we love you.


Eric and Suzie Treanor said...

Thank you for sharing your heart today. It is comforting to me to hear that I'm not the only one that struggles through this time fo sitting and waiting. Thank you for sharing prayer requests. Sometimes I forget that there is more to pray and think about then just bringing my daughter home. There are many other lives involved that will have to adjust to her coming home to her forever family.
May God strengthen you and Brian and quickly prepare you two for an amazing, life changing gift.

vmacmc said...

Brian & Audra,
Your transparency is a blessing to all who read and love you both. Our prayers continue to be with you during this time of "stillness."

We love you both (soon to be all three!)!

Oh yeah, the nursery looks adorable!

I can think of two Georgia couples that need to make a visit soon :)

Chris & Candace McDowell