Saturday, June 27, 2009

the nursery

so some people have been asking about the baby's room. well here are a few pics we took when we put the bedding on. it doesn't look like this right now but will as soon as he comes. a funny story about the bedding we chose. from the start brian really wanted to go with Tarheel's blue and brown, but i was having such a hard time finding anything i liked in those colours. then we started looking and all the jungle print beddings were so cute but then i thought "of course the girl from africa would have jungle animals in her baby's room". so i had to scratch that idea. well then we came across a managers special for the bedding below and got an AWESOME deal and it was perfect. what baby boy wouldn't love it. the sad part is that because we are in a rental home we can't paint the walls or anything. so we are relying heavily on pictures and art to hang.

Hope Martins, we would love one of your beautiful drawing to hang in the baby's room. :-)

Here are a few pics...

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Hightowerz said...

I love your rocker in there! How exciting to have the room ready! We are praying you little one comes to fill your arms soon! WE CAN'T WAIT!