Tuesday, January 6, 2009

waiting, reading and raising

we are currently in a waiting process with the adoption agency. we are waiting for them to call us to schedule our interviews (we are praying for this to happen any day now). i know God has perfect timing but i am have to say that i am getting very anxious. i'm ready to tell them my life story and get on that approved list. the holidays are now over and i'm ready for everyone to get a move on. but remember God didn't gift me with the patience gene. he gave that to brian. this past weekend was a really hard weekend and i found myself just crying out to God to provide us with the necessary peace and patience to wait.

so right now i am completely consumed with every baby and adoption book i can find. and the more i read the more i realize how much i don't know anything about raising a baby. i mean i never thought that God just downloaded this information in a mom's head when she delivered but surely there is some information that mom's just know. right? who knew that you weren't supposed to use baby wipes on newborns? who knew that the crib's rails should only be 2 3/8 in apart? well needless to say i am learning so much. i am just so thankful that i have so many friends that are also having babies this spring so when i am up in the middle of the night i know there are 3 other mom's up too. God really does have perfect timing.

another great thing that is happening during this waiting period is God providing the funds we will need to complete the adoption process. I am so happy that we are past the half way mark. I know the information on the side doesn't show this but we are waiting for a few things to come through. However, we only hav about $5500 left. That sounds like nothing compared to the $12000 we started out with. God is so good.

So for the mean time we will continue to wait, read, and raise while we wait on our adoption agency to interview us and do our homestudy. please pray that God will expediate the process.

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