Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i'm in baby mode

Sorry it has been awhile since we have updated. We are very much in the hurry up and wait stage of the adoption process. hurry up and turn your paper work in then wait till they contact you. hurry to make sure your referencecs are in then wait till then contact you. and because it is the holiday season everything is that much slower. so needless to say we are just waiting...and waiting...and waiting.

right now we are starting to prepare for our homestudy visit which i hope will be sometime the beginning of january. the biggest thing with the homestudy visit is we have to write another large check for $2000. We currently have $850 of that $2000 so we are praying to raise $1150 by January 1. I know this is the holiday season and every one is pressed for money. we just pray that God will bless you more abundatly than you could ever think of.

we've also very much got into baby mode. we've started looking at baby cribs, figuring out how to baby proof the house, finding the cheapest baby gates, picking colors for the baby's room, and finally landing on a name. we pretty much talk about the baby all the time. yesterday was our anniversary and we are going to celebrate this weekend. we figured this might be our last time to have a chance to have some sweet time together for our anniversary before the kids come. it's still pretty crazy to think that we WILL have a baby this time next year.

on my way in to work this morning all i could do was thank God for our babies two little eyes, his little nose and mouth, ten fingers, and ten toes. a huge smile just comes on my face when i think about my sweet baby. in the car yesterday i even practiced yelling out different names to see how they sounded. it was kinda fun. i think the people passing me thought i was crazy. but none-the-less it was fun. it's also fun to be going through this baby stuff with so many friends that are in the same boat. check out my friend Amy's blog to read her adoption story. it's neat to be walking the journey together (Love you, Amy!)

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