Thursday, December 4, 2008

Exciting Times

As you can see we have taken the first step in preparing for a new addition to the family. We purchased some baby clothes as we were away for the Thanksgiving break. We pray that we live up to the statements you see. Nothing of true importance, but just wanted to share.

- brian

(this is Audra stepping in and adding on)'s wierd to actually buy our first baby purchase but i have to say it was really exciting. i now want to buy every cute baby outfit or little socks that i see. one of my favorite purchases was a little hat that is going to fabulous on our little baby boy. it's funny how in one week our mind set has changed so much. before we were so focused on paperwork that we weren't really even thinking about an bringing home a real live baby. but after turning in our paperwork and writing our first big check i feel like we are officially adopting. not that we weren't really adopting before i just feel much farther along in the process. i feel like i can finally get in the mindset of bringing home a baby. a baby in our house. so strange. my mom told be about a song she heard on the radio a couple weeks ago and it had a line in "this is my last Christmas without you". Wow! crazy to think that this is our last christmas with out our little baby. i find myself just thinking about him all the time. and the cool thing is that in our bible study at church there are the other couples that are pregnant (one with twins) and another couple adopting 2 little boys from the Ukraine with DS. 2009 is just going to be a very exciting year for everyone!

we have also picked out colours for the baby's room. we are going with university of north carolina blue and brown (brian is a huge UNC fan!). but right now we are waiting for a few references to trickle in and then we will work on having our interviews with our adoption agency. to complete our homestudy we have to pay another $2000 which we are on our way. We only need $1500 (i think) to reach the $2000 for the homestudy. God has been very faithful to provide this far. we thank each of you that have already been a part of the baby bailey journey.

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Amy said...

Hey guys! I'm diggin the new look on your blog! Fun isn't it? :)

I love you guys... I feel like I haven't seen you in forever. We need to get together to talk adoption stuff. :) We'll see you tomorrow night?

Love ya!