Thursday, October 2, 2008

the first "waiting" period!

this is the part about this process that i don't like. the waiting. it's hurry to do this and then wait. and wait. and wait. right now we are waiting to hear if our adoption agency recieved our domestic adoption application and will provide us with an invitation to begin the next domestic adoption cycle that begins October 10, next Friday. so needless to say we are very anxious and the waiting is driving us nuts. and i know this wait is probably the shortest one of them all. if we don't get invited to the cycle that begins october 10 the next cycle starts in february. we really want to go ahead and start things now but we also trust that God has perfect timing. he has proven that over and over again to us. so, for all of you that no me i don't do very well with being patient. but thankfully i am married to the most patient man on the planet. so that helps. so pray that we get an invitation soon!

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