Wednesday, September 24, 2008

international or domestic?

Audra and I had our first meeting with Bethany Christian Services this morning. What a sweet time it was. Our questions were answered and questions were asked of us. The most important question was asked of us: When you envision your new family following the adoption process, what do you see? That is a question we had not asked ourselves. So that is where we stand. How do we answer that question? Well, here are our thoughts. We see ourselves with a newborn or as young as possible. We want to be a part of the firsts in this child's life. We want to instill our values and beliefs from the beginning. So how does that play into our initial thoughts of international adoption. Newborns are not an option, if only because of time constraints and waiting periods. 2 years or younger is the closest we would get. So that opens another door and another option. Domestic adoption, which has also been a desire of ours. We would continue to seek a child of race. It is unfortunate, but African American children are an option of last resort to adopting parents. They choose one of own race or bi-racial before they even think of a child of a different race. That saddens both Audra and I. So, is God leading us to adopt domestically? We ask for your prayers with this issue. We also ask for a quick conformation more than answer. The next cycle for the domestic process begins October 10th, just around the corner. Wow, how quick could this take place! We thank you again for your thoughts and prayers through this process. Keep an eye open for our decision and next step. We love you all.

- brian


Jeff Frazee said...

Hey Audra (and your man),
I'm so glad you guys have a blog going. I've been seeing your little comments on Facebook, and I was hoping I'd be able to find something more.
I love the idea of interracial adoption... well, interracial everything for that matter. It's just so sad how separated we are especially in the body of Christ.

Tamara said...

Brian and Audra,

It sounds like you already know what you're going to do. But whatever it is, you know that adoption always comes with challenges. Choosing a child of a different race is just another challenge, and it too can be overcome. What you'd be telling the world is that skin color truly doesn't matter, and that's powerful.

From what I understand about adoption, things happen in the process that lead you to the child that was meant to be yours from the very beginning. It sounds like you're experiencing that. You'll find your child, and it will be amazing.

Sending you good thoughts and prayers,