Monday, November 12, 2012

a single moment

a 10 second moment could be all that you need. that one look. that one smile. that one hug. that one "i love you". it catches you by surprise and usually comes after a moment that you thought left you 10 steps behind. but there it is. those expectations i was talking about earlier, not only are they met but superseded. and for a moment you got a piece of your child that you thought was stolen but God is the great Redeemer. to go back in time just for a second and lay a brick that i wished i could have laid from the beginning. God in his infinite goodness gave us that moment this evening and i am so very thankful and blessed. it wasn't big and it could have so easily been missed. thus making me very grateful for experiencing that moment with my child and with my husband. i pray that it is only one of many such moments.

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