Monday, August 15, 2011

my dance partner

i'd like to take a moment to tell you how incredible my husband is. each day he loves our family more and he sinks deeper into the Father's grip! last week he started his student teaching experience. he will be spending the next 7 weeks observing and teaching in an 8th grade science classroom. i couldn't be more proud of him for following his dreams and stepping out in faith to what God laid on his heart. he is an wonderful example to me and our kids. he proves to us daily that following Christ is not easy but oh so sweet and good. my heart is happy knowing that Brian is doing something he can put his heart into. he's totally in his element with a group of kids around (remember that's when i fell in love with him 6 years ago). God has taken him down many different roads but they all were to lead him to the hear and now. i love him with all my heart and although this current season will come with it's chaos and trials we will rest in the peace of our Heavenly Father. a song that means so much to both of us is the Andrew Peterson song "Dancing in the Minefields". it's the song i currently wake up to every morning and the last line stays with me all day "so in the face of all this chaos, baby, i can dance with you." no matter what the day brings or when i do loose my way i know God has brought an amazing dance partner into my life to remind me and stand with me. brian has laid his life down for me a many of times and my prayer is that we remember that God promises us that when we loose our life for another is when we find what life is all about and that is loving Jesus. marriage is as close as we get to understanding what that relationship with Christ will one day be like in all it's perfectness in heaven.

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