Tuesday, November 9, 2010

day 238 - running

for the past few weeks now i have had this huge desire to run some sort of marathon. not that big 26.2 mile one but something. i have this need for a goal that i can meet. something outside of what i do every day.

this past weekend i was at a women's retreat with ladies from church and it was refreshing and wonderful. but one thing i felt like God kept whispering to me was that i needed to run. i felt like it was something he was giving me that i could wrap my hands and brain around. it is simple unlike that chaos that currently consumes my life. it is an opportunity for me to spend alone time with my amazing creator. it is also a reminder that my relationship with Christ takes discipline and perseverance. it needs to go deeper and i need to run with endurance.

i've made my goal a half marathon at the end of april. i ran my first mile yesterday and plan to run 4x a week. my hope is by putting this on my blog i can hold myself accountable. my amazing husband has agreed to train with me and there is a possibility of a friend joining in as well. i'm pumped and ready for this fun/ridiculous challenge. i've never done anything like this before and have never put my body through something quite like this before. praying that God will get the glory and i will gain a deeper understanding of who he is and who he has created me to be. 26 weeks to go.


Mama Brown said...

That's so awesome! I started training to run a 5k in May. Ran my first 5k in August. You are welcome to run with me and my sister Dayna in the Jingle Bell 5k walk/run first weekend in December downtown Franklin. Signing up for a 5k gives you a short term goal to keep you on track. 13.1 miles can be overwhelming and you don't want to get discouraged. Dayna just started training this week too! I used the Couch to 5k program as an app on my phone, but there are free podcasts you can download to your ipod as well. GOOD LUCK! Beating the pavement can give you a strong sense of accomplishment, but can be a great STRESS reliever! You Go Girl!!!

Joslin3 said...

Go you! It's a great idea. I started last winter with many of the same desires/needs as you mentioned. So much of life as a mother is never finished. I needed to feel like I could set my mind to something and straight out finish it. I started training for a 5K first in the spring, and then did a half marathon in August. It felt great. It's a lot of work, but very much worth it.