Tuesday, June 8, 2010

day 84 - rock city

i'm finally able to sit down and post a little about our trip to rock city this past weekend. it was the boys first time and my first time that i remember (my parents said i went when i was little). brian's parents are taking IJB for week so we met in chattanooga to drop him off. we spent about 4 hours walking around rock city. it was incredible to stand in the midst of God's creation. it was also amazing to watch my boys get a thrill from being outside. here is a pick of I and E watching a man carve a big statue out of wood.

everyone walking down the long trails through the rocks. brian and K, I, J, and E bringing up the rear.
the boys were a little cautious going over the swinging bridge but they were troopers.

K loved being carried on Brian's back. he got to take in the view without having to do any of the work. that is my kind of trip!
before leaving we let the boys find some awesome rocks in the dirt. they are all fascinated with rocks right now (thank you Gigi) and i am constantly finding rocks all over my house these days.
still crazy to think this is our family now. wouldn't trade it for the world!

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