Tuesday, February 16, 2010

finally getting to nest

so for the past year i have desperately wanting to nest but i had no idea who i would be nesting for. so now i have only a few weeks what most women have months to accomplish. we're buying bunk beds, mattress, and linens like you wouldn't believe. i'm trying to stock up on any cheap books i can get my hands on (if you know of anyone who is giving away any reading books we would love to have them). i'm also trying to decide which stuff i want to already have done before the kids come home and what would i like them to participate in. i think it will be very important for them to be able to make some choices about their rooms and such to make it feel like it is theirs. so for now i have given myself the bathroom to redecorate. but once again, i'm so picky, and can't find anything that i really like. so i'm resorting to building my design by what is on sale! which is my favorite thing to do any ways. plus i got a great organizational tip about having a specific colour for each child. Same colour for towels, sheets, plates, cups, toothbrush, etc. i think it's awesome and i can't wait to try it out. but to figure out which person gets which color for the next who knows how many years.

as i'm trying to nest i'm also trying to figure out how it works to cook for a family of 6, do laundry for a family of 6, find room for a family of 6, and just live as a family of 6. i'm sure most of that will come once we are a family and we just figure things out. thankfully both brian and i are pretty go with the flow kinds of people so i'm praying we will figure out how a family of 6 works pretty quickly. we're still very excited. our master closet has turned into our own little storage unit as we empty out the boy's rooms. who knew we had so much junk hiding out in those unused closets? now it's all in our closet. oh boy. this house is going to get small quick. i'm so thankful we have a huge front and backyard and that we back up to the woods. the outdoors will be their space and playground. bring on the warmer weather.


Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

So exciting!!! Enjoy making a home for these boys!

Amy said...

I like the color idea. I'd love to do this with my kids but I think its something you have to start from the beginning, ya know? And for us, everyone but Micah would be fighting over pink... :)