Friday, January 29, 2010

under construction

you might have noticed some of our blog changing over the past few weeks. we are in the process of reconstructing our blog for the new phase of our journey. please stay tuned for what will come in the near future. if you happen to see our laptop laying on the side of the road it is because we have gotten frustrated with creating new images to portray our thoughts. it seems to be stuck in my head and won't make it out through my hands. love you all.

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kristenlkolb said...

I came upon your blog through the Spencer's blog a few months ago. My husband and I have thought about adoption in the future and your journey has been encouraging to us! I have been waiting and checking your blog, hoping that your nest is full!! I am guessing you have no time for blogging these days and quite honestly you don't even know me so it's none of my business if you got the kids...but if you get a minute to let us know if you go the kids we are just overjoyed for you and your journey!