Friday, January 8, 2010

still alive

i apologize that it's been a few weeks since i last posted. we had family in town on and off for the last 3 weeks and that always throws off my schedule (but i love being thrown off my schedule). and what am i saying, since i am no longer employed i don't really have much of any schedule. our christmas was wonderful with family. we were spoiled with unexpected gifts that put smiles on our faces. we are so thankful for our families who love us the way they do. it seemed to be the year for fun "toys" as i like to call those gadget thingies. our newest toy is the wii. but not just the wii the wii fit plus! now, i grew up in a house were there were no video games. in fact i couldn't tell you when if ever i sat down to play a video game. i was actually really grateful not to have this distraction in our house. i wanted our house to be the same. and up until a few months ago that was our plan. but since we've made the decision to foster adopt alot of our thinking has changed. most of the kids (especially) the boys LOVE to play video games. they all state that it is there favorite thing to do. well i just couldn't bring myself to telling our future kids that they could never again do the thing they most love (even though i'm sure it is their favorite only because they haven't had other options). needless to say i felt the wii would be a compromise. i still have no desire for any shoot-em-up games in our house but with the wii we could make it very family oriented. so i'm kinda excited about our new toy. plus the wii fit plus is pretty incredible and will kick your but. but it totally makes working out fun and exciting. so that has made it's way into my daily routine.

speaking of our adoption we are still just waiting to see which doors God opens and the direction he leads us in. the holidays were very quiet with an email here and there. the latest news we have is that we are hoping for someone to come to our house in the next few weeks to meet with us and talk with us a little more. i'm beyond excited to meet and talk with someone. who knows where it will lead but we are praying that God will continue (as he always has) to open the right doors in his perfect timing. but once again as we wait i continue to clean and organize. also, with my time off i'm trying to do some things that i don't and won't always have time for.

one of the things i love to do is scrapbook and make cards. i'm trying to have a stockpile of cards if anyone needs any for the coming year. i hope to post pictures soon on our sidebar if you would like any. i have also set a goal to scrapbook at least brian and i's first 2 years of marriage. so i'm staying busy while also trying to find a job. just being patient and praying for God's direction and provision. again, i'm excited for 2010 and all that God is doing amongst so many. may God bless you in 2010 and provide you with the open doors you need.

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