Saturday, November 7, 2009

Parents as Tender Healers Part 1

today was our first all day PATH (parents as tender healers) class. we have 6 more to go. we were there with 3 other couples and 2 singles going through this process. each story so different. honestly, i was expecting there to be so many more people. just reminded me how important it is that we follow through with this process.

the day was filled mostly with information we already knew and Q&As. it's funny. when we had our orientation at Bethany the first time everyone in the room was pretty much in the same boat. we were all looking to adopt and pretty much needed to take the same steps to get there whether you were doing a domestic or infant adoption. well going through the foster system is completely different. there are families who are fostering relatives. families adopting an older child they met previously in the foster system. and even a single person just wanting to leave a legacy. and there we were sitting ready to take on as many kids as they will let into our home :)

we received another stack of paper work to be filled out. some of which we've already done and we are trying to figure out how we can avoid doing it all over again. but we also found answers to several of our big questions. needless to say we are very anxious to get everything completed and pursue those kids as soon as possible. patience is still a huge factor in all of this. it's not going to be simple. it's going to be complicated. going through the state means under staffed agencies, government funding, more ladders to climb and who knows what else. so please don't stop praying and interceding for us during this process. we know there is an end to it somewhere. thank you for being patient with us.

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David and Amy said...

I am in total awe of what you guys are doing! It's SO encouraging and inspiring! Really!