Friday, June 12, 2009

And did you eat mor chikin?

Yes you did. Audra and I cannot say enough about the outpouring of support we saw last night. When we left it looked as though almost 150 had signed the roster for the evening. If that is not amazing enough, when I talked to the manager he said that these type of nights usually fizzle out around 65 or so. God is sooooo awesome, and we love to see how He uses His family to support each other. What a testimony to what He is capable of. As you can see in the pics, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

As of now we only know what was given in donations: $272!!! Hopefully we will find out today what Chick-fil-a will be able to add to our total. Just one more time, YOU GUYS ROCK!!! GOD ROCKS!!!


angie said...

That is SO great! I can't wait to hear the total because I know God rocked it last night! I love family! Love you guys and baby bailey!

Amy said...

That line was packed for almost the whole three hours, I can't wait to find out how much you get from chick-fil-A!!!

It was so much fun, I'm so glad you guys did this one!!