Wednesday, May 6, 2009


i made our first appointment today to meet with a highly recommended pediatrician. it's so fun to talk to someone who is only interested in my baby. i'm actually very excited to meet and have some time to chat. we have a few other pediatricians to meet with too but next Thursday starts it all. now my question is does anyone have any advice as to what i need to ask the doctor? a big thing they will have to consider is that our baby might come with no medical history. i also don't want someone who is going to drug my child for every little thing. i'm a huge believer in allowing the immune system to do it's thing. i'm sure i'll let my kids eat dirt and whatever else. i don't think i'll be a germ freak but who knows once the baby comes. but i do want a doctor who will know when something is serious, especially if we have no medical history. but i'm praying that we will have a medical history and that we will have a relationship with his birth family so we can call with any questions. i'm all ears for some great advice.

lastly, (having nothing to do with a pediatrician), we submitted our information to put our profile online this week. the great thing about being Brian and Audra is that no matter how they alphabetize it we will be close to the beginning. hopefully that will work in our favor. please keep praying that God will continue impressing us on the birthmother's heart. it would be awesome if she was flipping through the profiles and came across ours and just new we were the ones? i believe God can do that. i'll post the link to our profile as soon as we have it.

one more thing before i forget, we are working on doing another fundraiser soon but we are working on logistics. please be in prayer that everything would work out. we are really praying to have all our money in by June which is in 3 weeks. Eeek! God is good and has perfect timing. Love y'all.

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