Thursday, March 5, 2009

the letter and profile

tomorrow morning we have our very last meeting (we hope) with our agency before we are approved. we are so excited and so ready to be on the waiting end of things and bring our little boy home as soon as possible. one thing we have to bring with us tomorrow is a profile book. this profile book contains a letter from each of us to the birthfamily and 8 pages of pictures. this has been a very emotional journey putting this together. how in the world can you convey to someone everything that you are in one letter and a couple of pages of pictures. and how do you make yourself stand out above ALL the other waiting families. i'm trying not to stress myself out about it but i also don't want to take it lightly. for the past 2-3 weeks Brian and i have been putting picture together. we have pictures of family, friends, things we like to do, the house, the baby's room, and even jackson (our dog). and the scrapbooking queen in me wants to make it so creative but we have to make 5 copies of this profile and we have to be able to make a copy at a moments notice. so i can't really be that creative besides what we do on the computer. thankfully brian is super computer savy so he can make it look pretty cool.

the hardest part has been trying to write a letter to the brirth family but specifically to the birthmom. brian and i each have to write seperate letters because the agency told us it would be important to get a letter from the soon-to-be dad, which i completely agree with. but anyways i didn't realize how emotional it would be. i think i've written about 6 different drafts and finally last night i just needed it to be over with. in this letter we are supposed to encourage the mom in her decision and thank her for looking at our profile, share who we are, how brian and i met, what our relationship is like, what our family is like, is everyone excited about a baby coming, what do we like to do, what kind of parents do we want to be, what are our values, and so much more. and did i mention this all has to be in a 1 page letter? yeah, i might be able to fit it in to about 8 pages but not one. and then when i condense it down to one i feel like i am leaving out so much that i want her to know. and we've printed out some letters that other people have written and so many of them our the same. but how many ways can you say "thank you for reading my letter"? there just aren't that many ways. believe me i've thought long and hard about it.

well now i am finally finished with my letter. brian is still working on his but it should be finished tonight. our pictures are pretty much complete we just have to finish up a couple of the last pages. then tomorrow morning we have to wake up very early to run by kinkos to get copies made before we have to beat our appointment at 9:30am.

A few prayer requests:
-please pray that our letters will not be full of our own words but what God wants us to share.
-when a birthmother reads our letters that she is filled with peace and joy.
-brian and i would have peace about what we are presenting.
-our appointment tomorrow would be an amazing experience and we would be able to express exactly what God has laid on our hearts for our baby

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