Tuesday, March 24, 2009

bought a car seat and stroller

this weekend USAbaby was having a march madness sale and we got a GREAT deal on a travel system for the baby. it is the colours we like and everything we need. don't you like it? after lots of talking with other moms and having our own fun trying to decide we found chicco to be the best. while we were in the store i was making sure i could maneuver the stroller around the aisle, fold it up with one hand, lift it to put in the car, carry the car seat around (that could get very heavy) and anything else you do with a travel system. it was kinda fun. of course because it was a madness sale the ones we picked were out of stock and had to be ordered. well maybe our travel system and furniture will all come at the same time. that would be perfect.

now that we have baby furniture and a travel system we have everything we need to have to bring home a baby. that makes me really excited. after we get approved we will do a baby registry but for now we are just fine.

we heard from our adoption agency over the weekend and they are busy writing our homestudy up for approval. she said it could still be a couple of weeks before she is finished. the waiting is so hard. please pray that brian and i will have continued patience but also pray that our adoption agency would be quick to get our homestudy written and approved. thanks for all your prayers thus far. we love you.


Lori said...

thanks for posting the pics so I can see them. Do you think I will be able to handle the stroller? Plan on doing that alot every chance I get. Love you. Mom

Amy said...