Monday, February 16, 2009

home safety check February 25, 8am

well we are finally down to the home safetly visity. this is really the last thing we are responsible for scheduling. we are really anxious to have it completed. we moved into a new house (still renting) about a week ago and it is filled with boxes. i was all ready to do lots of unpacking this past weekend but i was in bed all weekend with the flu. not fun. needless to say we have so much to do to get ready for our home visity.

the home safetly visity is when our caseworker comes to our house to make sure it is ready for a child. she will ask us questions like where is the closest hospital, to we have a plan if the house catches on fire, are we ready to baby proof the house. and so far we have answers to all three of those questions. i actually bought our first baby gate at my friends consigment sale last week for $6. what a bargain. so the big thing is just unpacking the house.

at our home visit we will be writing another $2000 check to cover our homestudy process. and we are so thankful to say that God has provided this money. the rest of the money we need will be used when the baby is placed with us. once we go on the waiting list it could be a matter of weeks or a matter of months. please pray with us that God will provide the rest of the money. we are still in need of $5900.

for those of you in the nashville and surrounding areas we do have a big fundraiser coming up on February 27 at 6:30pm at Grace Chapel. we are having a movie night. the movie is free but donations are accepted. we will also have snacks for purchase with proceeds going towards the adoption and has provided us with some items to sale with proceeds also going towards our adoption. we will have things like autographs by relient k, toby mac, skillet, and much more. we are showing a family movie called Meet the Robinsons so feel free to come and hang out with us for an evening as we try to raise some money.

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