Tuesday, January 27, 2009

couple's interview complete

this morning brian and i had our couple's interview with our adoption agency. it went so well. the lady who is doing our different interviews and home visit is really awesome and so easy to talk with. we pretty much sat in a room with her for about an hour and a half just saying out loud everything we wrote in our self-study (part of our paperwork). i guess they just wanted to put a personality to the answers. she seemed really interested is everything we had to say and loved hearing our story. it's funny to sit there and think that everything i am sharing with this woman is going to help her be able to convey who we are to a birthmother. i pray that we did well. she didn't ask us to explain anything or answer anything more deeply so i guess we gave enough if not more information than they wanted to know.

so the next step will be our individual interviews. i have mine next wednesday at 8:15 and brian is still working out his schedule to fit his in. i'm not really sure what they will ask us in the individual interviews that they didn't ask us today. but i guess we will find out.

i want to thank everyone for covering us with your prayers this morning. we were so excited to finally be moving to the next step in our adoption process and satan was definitely trying to come in and steal our joy. i was feeling really sick this morning and could barely stand up and we also got some frustrating news from our landlord. it all worked out by the end of the day but it made this morning and very satan attacked morning so we are so thankful that we have each one of you praying us through. you're prayers were felt and received. we love you so very much and thanks for continuing to walk this journey with us.

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Amy said...

One step down!

I know we felt the same way about ours- like "if you would just read what we wrote, you wouldn't have to ask us these questions" :) Actually your individual interviews will probably be very much the same. They'll ask about your upbringing and current relationships with your family and stuff like that probably. It feels so intimidating, but once you're doing it, its no big deal.

Can't wait to see you guys tonight. Love you girl.