Monday, October 6, 2008


well today we received an email from Bethany about another big online application we had to fill out and two forms that we have to send in. we thought our next step was to get an invitation to the class that starts on Friday, October 10 (yes that is only 4 days away). well i guess that there was a step we weren't told about. so we have to fill out this detailed application and send it in and then wait to get an invitation. i don't know that all of that can happen in four days. but i trust God's timing. as much as i am ready for all of this to start right now, maybe he is saying "wait". i'm so not good at waiting. so brian and i are trying to fill this out as quickly as possible so that we can hopefully get it all finished and still be able to attend the class that starts this Friday. please pray that we can get it all finished and that we get into this class on friday. and we might also need to start praying that even if we have to wait till february to begin the next step that we will have patience. yeah, if we don't get into the class/cycle that starts october 10 the next one isn't until february. i know that isn't a long time but it seems so far away. i'm believing that this is going to work out.

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Amy said...

I'm so glad to find this blog! You know we are totally praying for you guys, and yes, we are believing that the forms will go through and you can start the classes on the 10th!

Thanks for being my roommate this weekend! You are loved!!