Tuesday, October 28, 2008

He gives the victory

well the paperwork is pretty much complete. tomorrow we go to our last appointment and we will be all set...for the most part. the deeper we get into this the more we know it is right because it keeps getting harder. satan is finding our weaknesses and trying to work his way in. so we are asking you to please pray that God will give us strength and open our eyes to satan's lies. i already know this child is going to be so special because satan is doing whatever he can to make sure this baby doesn't come into our lives. brian and i are trying so hard to make God the center of this whole process but sometimes it is really hard. it's easy to feel like satan is defeating us, but we know God has victory and we know that this is his will. I'm reminded of a song from boarding school that we use to sing.

it's not bow.
it's not my shield.
that brings me the victory in the field.
it's not my hand. (i can't remember this line)
it's not my feet. (or this line)
that brings the victory, oh Lord. (or this line)
but You give the victory.
You give the victory.
we will trust in you and we'll take the land.

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