Thursday, September 18, 2008


well we have begun the adoption process and we are so super excited that we can barely contain ourselves. it's funny because we have just started telling everyone that we have decided to adopt when in reality brian and i decided that we would adopt a long time ago. this is not a new concept for us. we've known from the moment that we met that we would eventually adopt kids. crazy that God worked it out that we could adopt them together. so acutally beginning to fill out paper work is just the next step of something that we've always known would one day come. we've been sharing our news with everyone and we love having the support of family and friends behind us. but in the back of my mind there is still a thought that this might not work out. God might close this door. he has closed many of doors in my life in the past few years and what's not to say he would close this one. now, i say that but i completely BELIEVE that God has laid this on our hearts to do and he will COMPLETE it. but...even if he doesn't he is still God. the hard thing about adoption is that it isn't like we are pregnant. there isn't a definite end in sight. it could be years before anything happens. and then again it doesn't have to be that long. i feel like growing up in africa has prepared me a lot for adoption. hurry up and wait was always our motto. that is the theme of adoption to. hurry and fill out this paper work then wait for it to be reviewed. hurry and make your decision so they can make us wait for theirs. needless to say i'm sure there will plenty of moments where this process will not be fun and at times it will seem like a dead end. but again, we BELIEVE that God will give us a child. i BELIEVE that will open up all the doors that need to be open.

i'm excited to have this blog to have a place where i can post (for all the world to see) my excitements and my frustrations with the corrupt world we live in. you would think that due to all the orphans in the world that we have we would have a much quicker way of putting them into loving families. and all that know me know that i have NO patience. none. God didn't bless me with patience. i am a go getter. if something isn't happening the way i want it to i'm gonna go get it. but in the past couple of years God has been teaching me more and more about waiting on him. maybe it was all for this very reason. maybe everything in my life has been preparing me for this process. i'm so thankful that God knows the bigger picture. so i sit great anticipation and excitiment to watch work. i'm praying that he will make our adoption process like Paul in prison. he will just open the gate and we will walk through and his GLORY will be shown to all who are along the path.

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Cindy said...

Brian and Audra,
We are so happy to hear that your family will soon be growing. I want you to know that I commit to pray for you during this process. I will also be praying for your son or daughter. Thanks so much for sharing the ins and outs of what is involved in the adoption process. God Bless you both.~the DeMars, Guy and Cindy, West Africa.